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Find a teacher near you. This directory contains listings for hundreds of Yoga teachers around the world who have been trained and certified in Integral Yoga, a complete science that cultivates and maintains physical, mental and spiritual health. Our non-competitive approach and meditative exploration of the practices of Yoga foster an inner awareness that allows students to come in touch with deeper, subtle, and more authentic aspects of their being – recognizing the inner peace that resides within each of us.

If you are a current IYTA member you may choose to browse the Teacher’s Directory in PDF format.  Simply log in to the IYTA website, then click on the Members Only menu tab. Then click on Teacher’s Directory PDF. Keep in mind that this PDF was printed in December and changes are always happening. For the most current member information you may prefer to search the online Teacher’s Directory.

To search the directory online, you may use the search boxes above. Use the drop-down box to choose the field you wish to search in. Then use the search box to enter the information you are searching for. You may search in the following fields:

  • First Name – search on either  the first or Sanskrit name, but not both. If one name doesn’t work, try another.
  • Last Name – search on last name only
  • City
  • State – use a 2 character state abbreviation (do not spell out the state).
  • Zip Code
  • Country – for non US teachers
  • Name of Center
  • Is Near – if your city search does not work try searching for the nearest large city


  • To see ALL results (with 20 results on each page), please enter “a” into the search box (without quotation marks).

Then select the “Go” button to get search results.

Or find a teacher by contacting one of the many Integral Yoga Institutes and Integral Yoga Teaching Centers around the world.