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    The examples of essays that can be found on the Internet are of great variety. In its essence, the essay genre implies considerable freedom of creativity . The subject matter of essays is usually characterized by problematic and debatable – in this work it is not enough to simply retell what is written in the textbook, as often happens in justdomyhomework review, or to apply a problem-solving technique, as in a test.
    When writing in the essay, the introduction can be guided by the example of the logic of construction, familiar from the essay, and start with the relevance of the topic.
    It should be remembered that essays are characterized by a journalistic rather than scientific style of speech, so templates like “the relevance of the topic of work is due to…” have no place in them, but rhetorical questions and appeals to the reader are acceptable: “Have you ever wondered about …” – or, alternatively, “Few people think that …”.
    The introduction to the essay may include the following aspects:

    Relevance of the topic.
    Historical overview, the degree of study of the problem, the scientific interest in it.
    Characteristics of the object of research (problem area), its state and key terminology.

    Types of introductions in essays
    Before writing an essay introduction, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the types of introductions possible for essays. Examples of the most popular varieties (in fact, there are many more):

    Historical introduction.
    To make it clear what we are talking about, here is the text of the introduction from “Star Wars”: “Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…”. The same scheme is used to begin fairy tales. It also applies to essays – you can compare the past and the present: “Only a few centuries ago money was made of precious metals, and mankind did not know what inflation was.”
    Biographical introduction. It is appropriate if the essay is about a person (or their work).
    When considering the achievement of a Nobel laureate, you can start with a fact from his biography that influenced his formation as a scientist: “It is unknown whether Moscow-born Leonid Gurvich could have made his discovery if he had stayed in the Soviet Union – but fate had it so that…”.
    An analytical introduction.We can begin the essay by defining key terms (appearing in the title or significant to the narrative):
    On a domestic level, every adult knows what money is, but economic science has yet to formulate a clear definition of the concept.
    Quotable introduction. As the first sentence of the essay, you can use a quote from someone great (scientists, writers, politicians). In this case, the main part of the essay can both confirm and refute the content of the quotation.
    Personal introduction. You can talk about the personal experience that led to the choice of the topic.

    How to design the introduction in an essay

    The introduction in an essay does not stand out as a separate block (no title like “Introduction” or “Introduction” is made), it is not placed on a separate page. No blank lines are needed after the introduction – the following text begins immediately. Due to the small length of most essays, the introduction is usually less than a page (a few paragraphs of text). It is necessary to provide a logical transition between the introduction and the main text. The introduction uses the same settings (from a technical point of view) as the entire text (there is no need to italicize it or by other means): most often it is Times New Roman font, size 12 or 14, single-spaced, 1.25 centimeters “red line” indentation.

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