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    Hi family,

    I wonder who else is walking the spiritual path while also a parent? My daughter is one and a half. Motherhood, of course, completely changed my life. And it changed my Yoga practice too. These days, I don’t get on my Hatha mat half as much as I’d like. Nor my meditation cushion, for that matter.

    And yet the real work, it seems to me, lies in the everyday moments. The moments when my daughter wants attention from me when I need just a few more minutes to clean the bathroom or wash the dishes. The moments when she, just dressed, goes outside only to plop down in a puddle. The moments when she refuses to let me brush her teeth. These moments test my patience, my presence, and my peace.

    So I wonder if you’d be willing to share your journey? What’s working for you right now? What are you struggling with? What’s fun?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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