For an instructional video on how to create a new listing on click here.

If you are a current member, your listing may have already been created for you!  In order to find and claim your listing, so that you can make changes and add information to your listing, follow these instructions (or email [email protected] for help):

  1. GO TO: –  you will see the option to “REGISTER” at the very top of the screen
  1. Click on “Register” (or if you are already registered, click on “Login,” this is not the same username/password that you use on     
  1. Register if you are not already registered. You will see a window like this:
  1. You will then be prompted to check your email for your password (you can change it later by going to your account).
  1. The email that contains your password will also have “Listing instructions.” Since your listing has already been created for you, you don’t need to follow those instructions. However, they do contain some good tips for optimizing your listing and will give you instructions on how to upload any images to your listing and other useful info.
  1. Once you have registered, go ahead and log into your account using the new password you have just received.
  1. Your log in will take you to your account page where you can fill in additional info if you would like. You can skip that and go right to the more important step for right now, which is to CLAIM YOUR LISTING. Only after you claim your listing can you make changes to the listing that the public sees.
  1. To access CLAIM YOUR LISTING, you need to go back to the IY Directory homepage (click on the logo at top of screen)    
  2. In the search window, type your LAST NAME into KEYWORD (example: Smith). Then, click on “SEARCH MAP” 
  1. That search will pull up your pre-loaded listing. Click on your listing.
  1. In your listing, you will see the option (just opposite the social media icons) with a flag “CLAIM” & you should click on that.
  1. That will take you to a pop up that will show your name, will ask you to put in your phone number, and a message. You can type in the message: claim listing.
  1. Your request will go to our admin who will approve your listing and you will receive an email telling you that your listing is now claimed.
  1. Then, you can log into the directory (using your login & password as you did earlier) and when you go to your account you will see a menu on the right and you can select your listing, which you can then further customize. Or, you can do what you did earlier, by using the search & putting your last name into Keyword and pulling up your listing that way and then further customize it.