Welcome to the IYTA

The Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) is a membership organization founded in 1993, and is open to all Yoga teachers who have taken an Integral Yoga teacher training program. The mission of IYTA is to support Integral Yoga Yoga teachers, Centers and Institutes around the world, in service of furthering the dissemination of the Integral Yoga teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda.

IYTA accomplishes this by:

  • Serving as a global focal point for news and inquiries from Integral Yoga teachers, Centers and Institutes
  • Facilitating continuing education and providing professional development guidance
  • Maintaining forums for mutual support and spiritual fellowship
  • Sharing information pertinent to teachers through the IYTA website, Integral Yoga Magazine and social media
  • Promoting Integral Yoga teachers and Centers through a printed and online directory, the IYTA website, and other promotional channels
  • Providing access to teacher resources, tools and discounts

Integral Yoga has been training teachers for nearly 50 years. The community of Integral Yoga spans the world, with teachers, Institutes and Centers on six of the seven continents. Please join our global sangha by joining IYTA!