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The Integral Yoga Virtual Studio features numerous live offerings from Integral Yoga teachers around the world. Whether you are looking for dynamic Hatha classes, calming meditations, or engaging talks on Yoga philosophy, the Integral Yoga Virtual Studio will support your home practice.

From all of us at Integral Yoga, wishing you an abundance of peace, strength, and love

Class Registration Instructions

To join an online session, follow the steps below.

  1.  Click on the session title.
  2.  A pop-up window will appear (You may need to scroll up to find it). Enter your information and click to register.
  3. You will receive an email with the event information and Zoom link. Click on the Zoom link in the email.

First time users: your computer will automatically download the Zoom app. Follow the prompts to run the app.
Join a session with the video and audio from your device. Please allow time to register in advance so that we can start on-time together.

Once you have joined, place your cursor at the bottom of your Zoom window and notice the controls: if your volume is not already muted, please mute yourself so that the presenter can be heard clearly when speaking. If you want to speak you can unmute yourself. You can turn your camera on and off at anytime. For zoom FAQs click here.

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