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Bhagavan Metro talks about finding a spiritual teacher, the importance of identifying that we aren’t the body and the mind, and finding harmony with our surroundings.

Reverend Bhagavan is a certified Integral Yoga instructor and was ordained as a minister of Integral Yoga in 1980. He has served as a member of the Integral Yoga Ministry Board for over 15 years. He embraces and teaches all aspects of Integral Yoga with emphasis on married and community life.

Quotes from the Interview:

* If we think that we are the body and the mind, life really is hell, because the body is constantly in danger and the mind is constantly having a problem. So we need first, if we’re going to experience that life is for fun, to solve the problem of the mind.”

* I’d just like to encourage everyone to take up whatever spiritual practice appeals to them, whatever that is, and make a little application each day toward that. It’s like putting money in the bank. If you put a couple of pennies in the bank every day, by the end of ten years you have some money.”

* Be present with the mind. Watch it, understand it. Because once the mind is deeply understood, it’s a very small step over to realization.”

* And not only do you take care of yourself, but do the best to take care of things around you in a gentle, serviceful way. You know, when the car needs gas in it, put gas in it. When the oil needs changing, change the oil…everything in your life…take care of what’s around you…taking care of the things around you brings harmony into life. It brings a deep harmony into your existence.”



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