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Rita Pira and Avi Gordon discuss having the courage to follow our own path, and how what we consume and what we think creates our experience.

Rita is an intuitive holistic life coach and a raw/vegan chef. She is on a mission to help people heal their mind, body, and soul by, debunking their subconscious fears and getting out of their own way. She is also the host of the highly rated binge worthy podcast Trading Raw Stories.

Quotes from the Interview:

*. If there’s something that you’re feeling called to do, if there’s something that’s tugging at your heart that doesn’t go away and you keep talking yourself out of it, I invite you to talk yourself back into it.

* What you’re consuming through your eyes, and your ears, and your mouth is creating your human experience, and when you take care of those things your thoughts become better serving.

* Beliefs are just thoughts on repeat. If you don’t fill your own cup, you won’t have anything to pour from.”

* What you’re thinking creates emotion. Emotion is literally energy in motion. And what you are energetically feeling you are vibrating, and what you’re vibrating you’re attracting.



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