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Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price talk with Avi Gordon about activism and the healing that comes from seeing our interconnectedness.

“Courage” and “Seasons”, two songs from the album Courage, appear at the end of interview.

Høly River is founded by multi-instrumentalists Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price..This musical phenomenon has come to be known as Earth folk, a type of music inspired thematically by the natural environment. From harmonium engulfed melodies to mouth-harp stomp grass, Høly River taps into an embodied and innate celebration of internal and external worlds, attempting to bring them closer together with each beat. The music of Høly River carries the message of humanity’s need for reconnection with itself and the earth.

Quotes from the Interview:

* When we say reconnection with ourselves, or with the natural world, I think it’s really just witnessing ourselves in place of the natural world and as a part of it, interconnected, and drawing lessons from the natural world to be able to reflect back on how we can be better versions of ourselves, to ourselves, and to the world around us.

* Every moment is an opportunity for growth and to decide ‘what is the right thing to do?’, regardless of its outcome.

* To avoid burnout…this is my biggest lesson: I only do the things I love within activism.



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