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Vyasa Smith and Avi Gordon discuss gratitude, the advantages of getting away from the “hustle and bustle”, and how enlightened beings treat others.

Vyasa is an Integral Yoga Teacher and resident of Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville. He currently serves as the Yogaville Academy Administrator. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and studying Jnana yoga.

Quotes from the Interview:

* I imagine that’s what Mandela was thinking: Ok, I’m in prison but I’ve got my mind, I’ve got God, and so you can’t take that. I can understand things more in solitude.

* There’s a point in your life where you realize nobody is as interested in your spiritual growth as you will be.

* It’s just nuts how connected you can get when you’re away from the hustle and bustle – the things that open up for you are just amazing.




Avi 0:00
The most important thing for you is to chill. Is that right?

Vyasa Smith 0:04
Some people when they say, I'm chilling, it sounds like you're not doing anything, but it's really about chilling all the time. No matter what you're doing. It's the one thing that nobody can take from me. You can't make me not chill. You can't make me chill more. It's mine. It's me and God.

Avi 0:23
So the question is, is like what allows you to be successful?

Vyasa Smith 0:27
You know, Friends may say, Hey, you know, I noticed you're a lot more calmer. How did you get that way? I always am cringing because I'm like, if I say this, and I probably won't, you know, for a while, so I'm very cautious about that.

Avi 0:40
Is that because like what's happening inside in a way, the internal work? It's holy. Alright, here we are today.


Welcome, my good friend. Thanks for taking the time to be here. Let me read a little bit about you. And we'll jump right in. So Vyasa Smith is an integral yoga teacher. He currently lives at satchidananda Ashram yoga Ville, and serves as the yoga Ville Academy administrator enjoys traveling, hiking and studying yoga scripture. Yana yoga specifically. So hey, thanks, time. No problem. I'll be glad to do it. Yeah, we've been talking about doing this for a little while now. I would say. Finally, the time has come. Finally. Alright, so here's here's the first question that I have for you. And something that we we talk about a lot, and I know it's a priority for you. What do you say that? That the chilling? relaxing is your top priority? Like the most important thing for you is to chill. Is that right?

Vyasa Smith 1:53
Yes. Yeah, chilling to me. I mean, when you say it, some people when they say I'm chilling, it sounds like you're not doing anything. But it's really about chilling all the time, no matter what you're doing. And so that's really what I mean, when I say I'm chilling. Any other thing I say? Like I tried to use other things, but it just didn't show or express how I really felt so but the chilling word really does it. So yeah. chillin all the time. So what does that word mean to you? Well, chillin is just chillin, I mean, you're relaxed, but still doing things, you know, whether it be work, your responsibilities, whatever it is in life that you have to do you want to be chillin while you do it. And so I've said that, that word ever since I was or that phrase, I should say ever since maybe I was 2021. And it's just stuck. It stuck with me. And so yeah, children, to me just means relaxing. And also not caring whether or not somebody thinks your children too much. You know, you may be saying often enough times they say, I'm chillin. And people think, oh, you're not busy. You don't have anything to do. And that's not the case. I'm usually doing stuff but I like to be chilling. So yeah, just chillin. So even,

Avi 3:17
I think one of the things you're saying is like, it's like on a deeper level, the, you know, how you relate to other people. So like, a part of the chilling is like, not really caring. If someone else thinks that you're doing enough or what you're doing. Like, that's like a deeper level of maybe acceptance, relaxation.

Vyasa Smith 3:37
Yeah, right. Oh, yeah, definitely. And, you know, also, you can even take it a step further, on the end, the chilling is more on the inside. It's not really an outward appearance. It's not, you know, meant for that. Anyway, in my mind, I always take it internally. I'm chilling internally, I'm trying not to get excited. I'm trying to keep myself calm. And so on a deeper level, that also means that for me, and why is that so important to you? Because for me, internally, it's the one thing that nobody can take from me. You can't make me not chill. You can't make me chill more. It's mine. It's me and God. And so you can't take that from me. No matter what happens on the outside, no matter what anybody does to me. That Chilean phrase sets that bar for me. Yeah. And so I like saying it a lot, but also for that reason. You can't take it from me. So yeah, I like that.

Avi 4:46
I love that. You said that. It's mine. He can't take it from from his mindset. Would you even say it's almost like a birthright?

Vyasa Smith 4:53
Yeah. Yeah, I absolutely do. I absolutely do. I think it's a birthright just like me being black is you know, Like you can't take it from me, I'm not changing it no matter what you do to me or what happens or what circumstances I come under. I'm chillin. So, yeah, it's like that for me.

Avi 5:15
It's almost feels like the equivalent of what some Swami satchidananda says about maintaining your peace above all else. Like, that's what I'm hearing you say? Do you also like acquainted? equate that to maintaining your peace?

Vyasa Smith 5:27
Yes, I do. I mean, it's the same thing. You know, I'm chillin, I'm at peace. And it kind of sounds corny to say I'm at peace if you're like, Hey, how's it going? So yeah, language, so yeah, the children part. I equate with such a Nandan always maintain your peace. And that's really what I'm trying to do. When I say that to people. You know, I'm chilling, or they asked me, it's really for me, it's not about letting them know how I'm doing. It's reminding myself that I'm chillin, stay calm, stay chill. And so it's always it's a reminder for me, as much as I say it out loud. It's just a reminder. as well. What, what helps you be successful in doing that? Well, prayer, I will tell you. Prayer throughout the day doesn't really matter what time I don't care what time it is. I just do it whenever I feel the need. Um, I guess. Yeah, I, that question is, you know, repeat that question again, to me, if you just want to make sure what

Avi 6:42
what allows you to be successful and you're chilling in maintaining your peace? Like, what what helps like the what I'm hearing you say is like, you've you've elevated this to like the top shelf of priority. And then we talked about this before, it's like, this is my like, number one priority is to be in this relaxed, peaceful state. Right. So now, now I know what my intention is. But getting there practicing that is a different thing. So the question is, is like, what allows you to be successful? needing that attention? Yeah.

Vyasa Smith 7:16
Yeah, you know, I would have to say, a lot of it is the mind, you know, I'm a Yana yoga Yogi, you know, at heart, and I really, really liked that path. And, you know, being successful at those things, or, you know, chilling or keeping that peace, to be successful at it, you really have to watch the mind is what I want to say you really do. It doesn't seem like you, like people do. But I, I think that people do it more than they know. And I would have to say to do it consciously. I mean, it's, yeah, it's everything, I guess the prayer in the morning, or whenever you want to do it keeps you successful at that level. There's many other things I'm trying to think of. I don't want to just make anything up. But yeah, but

Avi 8:06
if I could just pause there, because I think what he said is, is amazing about watching the mind, right? Like it, that might be the most important thing, at least from my perspective, right? Like, just to watch, watch the mind. Is that what Yana Yoga is about is observing the mind? Would you say? or How would you define what Yana Yoga is?

Vyasa Smith 8:25
Yeah, you don't know this, for me, you know, is observing the mind just looking at? Not necessarily looking at the thoughts, but watching the thoughts, you know, something comes into your mind? And do I need that? Or don't I need that? I mean, it's always that constant type of thinking, if you like, if you're into it like that. And that's what it means to me to observe them the mind or be aware. It's just an all day thing, especially when it's negative. You know, that's really when I think a lot of us really watch the mind when we start noticing it coming up with negative things. Like, I don't like this person, I don't want to do this thing, or whatever it may be. When it's negative, it really pops out with with the positive things to trigger heart, you know, everything's moving well, then great. But when it's negative things, I think it's easier for me to to to practice the Chilean because I like waiting. Yeah, go ahead.

Avi 9:27
What an interesting point that I think you're bringing up I've never heard anyone say that before, in terms that it's actually easier to watch the mind when I'm experiencing maybe negative emotions, as opposed to positive emotions. That because my initial reaction was well, that it's it's more challenging, right? Because like, I'm deep in it, and it's hard and therefore I don't want to watch what's, what's going on. But I think the point that you're making is, is really important too, because when I'm in a positive state of being Right, often I'm just so happy that I'm in the positive state like, I'm not looking to why am I like what's happening in there? Maybe there's more benefit actually, to observing myself in a positive state so that I can learn, well, what factors caused me to be in a positive state? And then by being aware of those factors, perhaps I can replicate them? If that's my goal to be in more of a positive state?

Vyasa Smith 10:23
Yeah, yeah. I mean, watching the mind, you're absolutely right. Watching the mind is all of it, you know, the good and the bad, but it's a lot easier when it's negative. Yeah, the positive too. But yeah, so in short, Avi, I would just say that it's just a constant thing. And it's nothing that you can do this type of what I'm saying you're watching the mind. It's not like you do it for a week. And okay, you've got it like, this is years going on, where you're just constantly and you may not be able to do anything about it, but just watch it. But it's, it's yours. And I don't want to say it takes everyone years, but the mind is so slick and trick that you really, it takes years to even catch up to what it's doing to you after you've been observing you like, oh, my goodness, this is what is going on. Like, wow. And yeah, so it's a process. It's not a, you know, I'll do it tonight. And I'll be good or only, you know, it's years and years of just doing maybe a lifetime. Yeah. And I think yeah, it appears lifetime because I don't see any end in sight.

Unknown Speaker 11:29

Avi 11:36
I love that. Yeah, the observation, just being aware of more and more, becoming interested, and just like, what are the effects of that? Like, often, like, I want to know what I'm going to do with that, like, okay, now I'm aware, like, I need to solve this problem. But I'm having more and more interest in just like, what the effect will be. If I'm aware, if I can be aware, then they'll just be a ripple effect that comes from that awareness. Does that make sense?

Vyasa Smith 12:03
Yeah, yeah, totally. It definitely makes sense. I, I agree with that. 100%. And it's that right there that goes on in my mind throughout the day. It's that line of questioning that why or you know, and going deeper into it, sometimes. Yeah, it's that process, what we're doing right now is exactly the process that I would do. on my own, in my mind. Okay, why are you feeling this way? Did you eat right? Did you sleep enough? You know, you go through all the things that are that you're supposed to do that are healthy for you? And you're like, Okay, no, I haven't been exercising, and No, I haven't been drinking enough water. So let me do that first. And then let's come back to see how I feel. Do I still feel upset? Do I still feel the same way about a situation? And that is a part of Yana yoga, I think as well. doing that, and I think we all do that to some degree. So that's wonderful. But yeah, it's, it's a process. And there's many ways and I that's what I want to say I'll be there's many ways of doing it. You know, it doesn't have to just be prayer and then being silent. on it, there's just so many ways that you can observe the mind. And that's in going back to what I said earlier. That's mine. You can't take that from me. You know, I imagine that's what Mandela was thinking, like, Okay, I'm in prison, but I've got my mind. I've got God. And so you can't take that I can, you know, understand things more in solitude, you know, then you can when you're busy. And so, yeah, that's really what it means to me. And that subject is just good. Yeah.

Avi 13:45
What I hear you saying a little bit is like, no one can take away the process of our own internal work.

Vyasa Smith 13:54
Yes, exactly. Exactly. No one, no one can judge it not, you know, no one can say you're not doing enough. You don't know. No one knows what somebody is doing. And, you know, judging it from the outward appearance doesn't tell you anything, you would have to literally have a conversation with someone like we are now speaking sitting down and getting to know a person, you're not going to be that that's why I like it so much that Yana yoga, because you can't tell whether I'm doing it or not on an outward maybe how I treat you or how I act, maybe something different, but it's not an appearance thing. You know what I mean? And I'd like that I really relish that, that makes me happy because I feel and we talk about it touching on to talks about it. You know, when you tell people what you're doing as far as your internal work, your spiritual work, it seems like the moment you say it out loud what you're doing and how you're practicing. It falls away like then maybe that day, you don't do it, you know, and you're like crap. I told everybody that I was doing this and now I'm not doing it and it's Just in that, for me always happens every time I reveal my inner true spirituality, my, you know, revealing to somebody, oh, this is what I do. And I don't know for me, it ruins it. Like it's like, it's like a bond between the spirit and the is broken because now I'm telling people what I'm doing. And it's no longer just mean God, it's this person and that person who knows. And now they're watching me at noon every day to see if I meditate, you know, and then it's like, it just ruins it.

Avi 15:30
So yeah, I want to Yeah, I want to reiterate what you said there, that the bond between me and spirit is broken.

Vyasa Smith 15:38
For a little bit. Uh, yeah, yeah, I don't I mean, permanently, because you know, it's never right. It's never like that. Yeah. But, um, then I have to get back on it. And the way that I do that, like I said, the bond between me and God is just between me and God, I don't explain it to anybody. But when you do, you know, friends may say, Hey, you know, I noticed you're a lot more calmer. How did you get that way? I always am cringing because I'm like, if I say this, and I probably won't, you know, for a while. So I'm very cautious about that. Telling people

Avi 16:12
does it matter? The reason why we're sharing it with other people does is have an effect. And what I mean by that is like to have two options stand out in my, in my head, like, sometimes when I'm telling other people what's happening, you know, for me inside, I, it's about maybe being impressive. And it's probably like that more of the time. And when that is like maybe the goal is that to make myself look good, or trying to manipulate myself to be seen in a positive light. I couldn't agree more that something there is broken and lost. That's been my experience, too, when I when I do that. But if it's if it's genuinely coming from a place of of sharing it as service to someone else, like I Why am I speaking these words, if I'm speaking to them, because I think maybe it could be a useful tool for them to investigate that perhaps that would have a different effect. What do you think about that?

Vyasa Smith 17:11
I in I'm glad that you went a step further in this conversation. Because then as a young Yogi, then I stop and observe what the when when a person is asking me, Hey, what are you doing differently? If I talk to that person on a regular basis, if they're close with me, we've shared conversations in our lives. I feel less like, it's, you know, me just blabbing it out. Because it's a friend who wants to know and you know. So I think you're right. It depends on how it's helping someone, I don't, I'll put it this way to make it very simple. I'm not I don't like and I'm not in the business of telling people what I'm doing if you come and ask me. And I feel it's genuine, because it's me that you're asking. And if I feel genuine, I usually go more in depth like we are talking now. And I'll say that, you know, and go on and on. But yeah, it's very, it's a tough, that is very tough you when it comes to deciding when you should reveal what you do it when you shouldn't. And it's situational. It's, yeah, it's really situational. Because it's just, yeah, it's energy. If someone like you said, I'll be if someone's coming to me, they're distraught, you know, and they're wondering, wait a minute, you seem so calm and tell me you know, of course, you know, I'm, I want to help. And so I'll say it. But if it's just leisurely, we're in a group and we're talking, we're eating at lunch, and everybody's going around the table talking about their practice. I don't like that. And I no longer participate in it. I don't like it. I'm telling you nothing. And not just for conversation. There you go. Not just for conversation purposes, to help Yes, when someone really needs it or in distress. But not just to talk about like, No, I don't like it, and I don't do it.

Avi 19:03
Is that because like what's happening inside in a way and the internal work? It's wholly right. Like what we're doing inside, like our relationship with God is it's it's a holy, it's a holy thing. Right. So that that's what I'm hearing you say a little bit. It's like, it doesn't feel appropriate, maybe to just, you know, like you said, just be throwing this stuff out. And, you know, in conversation while while we're eating and not identifying the what we're talking about here really maybe calls for a certain amount of respect and attention.

Vyasa Smith 19:40
Yeah, definitely. And on an intimate level, I'll tell you, and I've heard this many times in spiritual communities in places and in books that I've read that it's like, um, when you reveal your personal work that you do with the Lord and you're that kind of thing. It's almost as if You know, you're, you're telling people about it, it takes some of that energy away that I don't know how to describe it, but it feels like it takes that energy away. All that striving, all that work that you're doing internally. And when we just speak about it, you know, in normal circumstances, it just, it feels like it's not as strong. In my experience. Yeah, yeah, it, it depends, you

Avi 20:27
know, I think what you're saying is, is really, really important. So what I think about is, is the person open? Right? Like, are they is the heart open to receive? And this is really like the art of life and sensing that like, okay, here's this person here. It's like, are they in a place where we're, they're really open to receiving? What it is, I'm going to share right now. And if that feels right, you know, I will. But this happens to me all the time when I'm having conversations. And now it's like, I know, someone's not paying attention to what I'm saying, like they're multitasking or doing whatever it is, I just stop. I just, I just stopped. I'm like, why am I speaking to you right now? They're not listening to us. Reminds me of that.

Vyasa Smith 21:12
Yeah, it's exactly like that. Um, and I think it's also, you know, if I was to be honest with you, it's also a personal thing. Like, it's, for me, it's, I don't know, it's more personal. Because I don't know, I don't know how to put that it's just more personal to me to do it that way than any other way. For me. I just don't, for me, as a person, I don't like to reveal what I'm doing. As far as internal work. And really, for anything, like until it's done, I really don't like mentioning it. And I've noticed, sometimes I do, and I'm like cough. I told people the thing, you know, like, let's say you're going for a job. And yeah, I'm gonna apply for this job, and I'm gonna, and then maybe you find out a little more about the job. And you're like, No, I don't want to do that. Well, you don't told everybody. Like, you're gonna get the job. And now you don't want it, you know? So it's like that, you know, with spirituality. It's, you know, you tell everybody, yeah, I've been meditating every day for over six months, and I'm an avid and then that one day, you know, they see you not meditating. And it's like, crap, I look like a liar. Or you mean, and I, being in spiritual places, or wherever. And just life, you know, you learn to just keep your mouth shut until the task is done. And in this spiritual type of world that we're doing, you know, work that we're doing, the work usually never gets done. So just keep your mouth shut, because the thing that you mentioned that you shouldn't do, you know, people say, Oh, I'm not having a good time. And it's like, what did you meditate today? And you're like, no, but did you meditate today? Like, the person asked you? Did you do that today? You know? No, so you did it for a week straight. Now you know so much about it, you know, so that's why I like keeping my mouth shut about the practices. Um, unless, like, we talked about somebody Neato.

Avi 23:14
Just like, considering this, this relationship that we have with other people. And thinking about like, is really not my, my job to impress you. Like, that's really, it's really not my job to do that.

Vyasa Smith 23:32
It's just not. And you feel like you do sometimes, you know, because you want to be there for people. You don't want people to think, oh, he's useless, or you're useless. But as you go through this process, you realize, I don't care if you think I'm useless. Like, that is irrelevant, like I'm here with God. And that's all that matters. My thoughts are with God, majority of the day, if you can try. And so that goes away the need to please is what it comes from, you know, I want to please your own and make sure that you get enough information from me that you're satisfied. It's like, oh, if you didn't, then you didn't like I don't know what to tell you. And I think that's a part of spiritual maturity, as well as do your best. But if they didn't like it, oh, well, like there's nothing else you know, more you could do. You could and what would you do more? You know what I mean to impress them? Yeah, they like, so, yeah, I strongly feel that way about our spirit, my spiritual practice and what we do so yeah. That's good.

Avi 24:38
Do you observed that you've that you've grown since your time here, you've been here, what at least four years but right four or five years of living in the ashram?

Vyasa Smith 24:50
Yeah, so I arrived in 2016. And then I left for about maybe 910 months, and then I came back 2017 and I've been here ever since. So I was here for eight months in 2016, then I left, and then came back. And I've been here.

Avi 25:08
So now I'm basically doing that asking you a personal question for you something that maybe you don't really want to talk about. But I say it more from like a place of like, your relationship with yourself, you know, like you're really like, because I'm very interested in positive reinforcement, not as like a delusion, but just in reality, like is the truth that you've changed a lot and grown a lot since your time? Like, is that the truth? And if it is, like to acknowledge it, because by acknowledging it, my goal is to keep growing, I would say, right, like, the goal is to keep growing. So by acknowledging growth in a way, that positive reinforcement, will that lead to more growth by giving myself like encouragement, like, oh, okay, like, you've done a lot of good stuff. And there's more to go and keep going, keep doing what you're doing?

Vyasa Smith 26:03
Yeah, I think so. I wouldn't disagree with that statement. It's, you definitely grow. And you, I think, the biggest growth part is for me, and I think for some people, too, is realizing that it's not just in the place that you learned, our, you know, your spiritual things, you know, how to be or whatever, it's everywhere, you can do that everywhere, it's nice to learn it at a certain spot. And it's okay, if you stay at that spot, that's not a problem. It's thinking that it's only here, or wherever you you started, you're not I mean, thinking, Oh, if I go anywhere else, it won't be the same. And it's like, No, you are the thing that makes it what it is. And so, I've learned that a lot here, that's been probably the number one theme is, it's everywhere, don't be afraid to go outside your community and think that you won't be able to have the same thought process, the same attitude that you do. When you're at a spiritual place. Sometimes it happens. But that's up to you as the individual to keep practicing after you leave spiritual place like this and to keep going. And if you need a refresher, that's cool, too. Everybody gets a refresher and comes back. And I think that's great, too. But just know that it's everywhere with you. And so that's helped a lot that that mindset has helped me to be okay with, wherever I'm at, in the world. And for whatever reason, and so I'm glad for that. I'm very, very thankful to guru to teachers around the world teachers here at the ashram. I'm very, very happy that I've learned that and that's something that I can't give back to this place, I can't do enough, I can't volunteer enough. I can't give you enough presence. I can't serve you enough in the way that it has served me as a place not as individuals but as a place as a whole. But they've given me a knowing of myself a more in depth knowing of myself. There's no way I can repay that back. And the only way, the best way I think that I can do that is by having that perception, having that mindset of I'm godly wherever I go, am and doing right by the next person who comes along wanting the same type of help or guidance. So yeah, that that's something that I just I'm so thankful for. I can't even give words to it. That's how grateful I am like, I'm completely overjoyed with that knowing

Avi 28:42
just slipped something in there. I think. I think it's huge. I'm godly wherever I go. I'm godly wherever I go. So that's a powerful statement. To feel that I am godly, right that you are godly. So yeah, you do feel that about yourself that you are godly.

Vyasa Smith 29:01
Yeah, but not in the sense of like, I'm godly and you know, not that anyone out there we go. We're all godly. Yeah, we all are godly. Um, I say that because the reason Yeah, the reason why I chose those words and the reason why I say that is because there are moments when I'm not meditating when I'm not trying to be a yogic. And there it's still there. The conversation with God is still there. The wondering of why is this why is that is still there. And so that's why I say that, like, Oh, I can be godly wherever like it's in here. It's all in here. It's not out here. And so, yeah, um, yeah, I hope that answered that. That does.

Avi 29:50
I love the point that you're making here, kind of about the vehicle of not getting too it's it feels like it's a little bit of a trap. I think Gurudev talks about this trap too, that you get attached to the V A goal that connect that was helpful in connecting you with with the source. Right? It's a little bit of a an illusion. It Gurudev speaks about the signpost, right? The honoring the signpost. So like the destination is Boston and you see a sign that says Boston, you know, 200 miles away, and you start and going to Boston is what you want to do. You had a great experience when you when you go to Boston, like famous connection with the God is God. So what do you do you start praying to the signpost, itself. So I think he relates that to to scriptures and books and maybe the Bible, right? So it's like the Bible have the ability to connect you with, with God with with source with a higher a higher way of being. And that's a wonderful, wonderful, amazing thing. But instead of just working like what you're talking about, between my direct connection with that source that I have access to, instead, I'm going to feel that I need the Bible to get me there. When the truth is, you don't really need the Bible, everything is the Bible.

Vyasa Smith 31:14
Yep. Yeah, I can't agree with you more, it's exactly like that. It's, it's exactly like that. I just, we I think as human, as human beings, just, I think you need it to start off with and for however long you do need it for. But there is that certain something where you now know how to, I don't know how to put it, access it. And it could be through the questioning your yoga, it could be through meditation, it can be through Hatha Yoga, you know what I mean? But you now know, I think at a certain point, for me, at least, by now know how to access it, you know, without having to do a whole bunch of stuff to get there. You know, gratitude is one, Mike. Thank you, God, thank you, thank you, I don't have anything else to say. Because if I say anything else, then we go down this way, you know, I get in and why don't I just think just that's it. That's all I've got for you. And if you can get there on your own, not, I don't want to say on your own, because we all need each other to get there. But if you can access it like that, and tap into it, and start to feel love and compassion for yourself and for others, then that that's it. And if you do that through hatha or meditation, that's great. However you do it is perfect. It's wonderful. But it makes you more confident. Knowing that you can tap into that, whether you're in a dingy apartment of wonderful apartment, wherever you're at, you know, you can get there and only takes a moment. And so yeah, I like that a lot. And that's what it means to me. I don't need someone to there's no more it used to be. But now there's no more needing of guidance and a sense of running to someone to say Help me Help me. How do I get connected again? Like, you know how to get connected. You're just not doing it. I love that. Like, yeah, you know how to do just practice? Like you don't know anymore. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. You know what to do now so and like I was telling you earlier, this place helped me with that. Such an ashram helped me with that and like said, That's nothing that you can give back. Like, that's, that's amazing to me that there's no way I could show enough gratitude or do enough things to, to show you my appreciation, like, but to do right in the world to do right. You know, that's the only thing you can do is just do right. And yeah, I find that that's just incredible to me, because I'm a service kind of guy. And I think a lot of us are we want to serve people want to do well for people. And when you come to a point where you're like, I don't know how to thank you for this, like, this is amazing. I just don't know what to say like, wow, I'm so yeah.

Avi 34:19
Thank you. I want to ask you about that. The connection with gratitude and and really, really just feeling Thank you. To you, do you think that this is kind of in rare supply, like in the world, like generally speaking, where there's not a lot of this like really feeling like thank you for the experience of our lives going on that there's maybe a lot of focus on on what's wrong and fixing problems, as opposed to attention on just saying thank you and feeling that if I'm doing that I'm doing part of the work that if

if everyone shifts towards more of an attitude of being grateful that the world the ripple effect from that would maybe fix a lot of the problems.

Vyasa Smith 35:12
Yeah, oh, of course, I think, you know, anytime you're thankful for anything that you have in your life, I think it could definitely change the world. Gratitude can totally change it, even if it was just once a day. I think we just all get wrapped up in our lives, and you miss those thank yous. And not to mention on that point, you know, it's not, every time that I say thank you, that you get there, you get to that connection, you're there, boom, boom, it's, it could be some days, and some moments, it's just Thank you, God. And that's it. And then I go back to doing whatever, um, it doesn't have to be. And I think that's what you're talking about as far as the world and doing that. I think a lot of people don't do it as often, in my opinion. Because they want that feeling like, you know, like, if you're prayer, if you're in deep prayer, you start getting the that love that compassion, feeling. And whatever else you do, but sometimes the thank you is just a thank you, like, just thank you, and then you move on and keep going throughout your day, to the God to the source with internal I mean, and maybe that's what and I think that sometimes is all that you can give and all that is needed. It doesn't have to be this, thank you, God and oh, for all for the food. And you know, for everything, you know, I you know, it's, it's not like that it's a it's a recognition of something higher than you. So it's a respect, it's a love, it's, it's that it's all the combinations of treating something with kindness and love. And some days, you know, I just want to say thank you. And some days you don't you want to be like, you know, there are many days that I'm like, I don't know what I'm saying thank you for, but I know it's coming. Like, you know, I know it's deserved. I know that the thinking like, I don't have to wonder like, what am I thankful But no, you need just be thankful. So that's how I wanted to tell you, I think that we in this world are always looking for that feeling. And if what we do doesn't give you that feeling thing, you think it's pointless? And I don't think that at all. I just I don't I don't know why. No, I do know why I don't think that because I've experienced it. One day, you may be doing something you don't feel anything from. But the next day you do like, I don't know what to say it's, that's how it is you're not always gonna get a good feeling

Avi 37:40
from is this? Is this the reason to chill? Because Yeah, we're just on this ride. So just like, stop analyzing, it's so much like, okay, it was a good day of yoga was a bad day yoga, like, whatever it is just like, I'm going to be on this ride. And just notice as much as possible. What's happening along the ride.

Vyasa Smith 38:01
Yeah, like, yeah, it's the right that Hence, the Chilean card, like you said, like, there's so many times where you're not satisfied with what you've done, or you know, what you're doing. And like, I know, I could be better, but it's like, you know, okay, well then do better. And then just leave it alone. Drop it. And yeah, I think I do believe that. approaching it this way, I believe that approaching it this way for me, has allowed me to relax for me, and not be so tense in doing things or trying to, you know, be the number one person for that person. You know, just, I don't know, I don't, I don't know if I'm talking in circles here. But there's a confidence, there's a level of when you're in your own thing, you're doing your practice consistently. There's just this whole level of confidence, like, and I'm gonna put it very, you know, relax, like, but it's a, I don't care what you think about me. You know what I mean? It's a God loves me. I'm loved. Like, I don't care what you are disappointed in what you it's irrelevant. God loves me. And I know that and as long as you know that you can proceed in whatever you do. And for me, and for others, like yourself, it's meditation, it's hatha, it's Yana yoga, whatever gets you there, man, if it's crocheting, if it's, you know, rowing, whatever gets you there, that's your way of getting there. And that's, that's your boat, you know, they say, you know, to get across, you know, you need a vehicle or something, you know, and you'd have to drop that something. So at some point, you have to drop the thing that gets you there, but you'll know that when you get there, and that's just all there is to it. So yeah.

Avi 39:50
Kind of back to what we're talking about with the vehicle your vehicle can can be honored. That's what I'm comparing to like the vehicles a wonderful, a wonderful thing. It's not to be bullied. But the vehicle is not, is not everything.

Vyasa Smith 40:04
Yeah, it's not everything and we see it all the time. I mean, I've seen you seen it to like people who are sick as a dog, you know, just sick, you know, and internally outwardly, they've got lesions on them or something. But there's still that thing there that's there with them that, you know, they still treat people good, you know? even despite all their crap. Yeah, it's amazing. The vehicles amazing. Going back to what you're talking about,

Avi 40:33
it's like not not not letting other people shake you, in a way their impressions of you. Like, what I hear a little bit is like, the sense of like, wholeness. And my, like, I just am what I am, like, I don't know about you, but like, I got so sick and tired of all this, like, judging myself, like,

Unknown Speaker 40:56
you know,

Avi 40:57
how good am I comparing to other people and all that it's like, what social media, the game of that is all, you know, is just trying to boost ourselves up, because maybe this sense of wholeness and completeness, you know, that's not there. So because I don't, I don't believe it, I get swayed really easily, you know, jerking back and forth. So is that what you're talking about? A little bit. It's like this, this relationship with yourself is getting to this place of wholeness. And then from that place, now it can be on the ride. Now, it can be a lot more successful with my children, because I'm just a human being like, there's nothing to take too seriously about who Vyasa is, right? Just is.

Vyasa Smith 41:34
Yeah, just is. That's it's exactly right. It, it takes some time. But yeah, to get to that point. It's freeing and liberating to, I don't, I don't want to say it's any special way of being but if you can get to that, that's freaking that's where you want to be like that. That's it, man.

Avi 41:54
And that's how children are, you know, from the start, they don't question. No, this is just how I am. And then this weird thing happens. I think we're now question our own our own value.

Vyasa Smith 42:05
Yeah. Well, you know, for me, you know, cuz you see, I think, because you see other people who are kinda in the same situation, but you look at them, and they're doing much better. You know, in your mind, you're like, God, they're doing so much better than what I'm doing. Like, I should get, you know, be like them. And no, you shouldn't be like that. I mean, you should be yourself and maybe incorporate some things. Like, for me, I'll give you an example. I've been a procrastinator a lot of my life. And, but when it comes to certain things, I'm on it. So it's like, for me, I had to really forgive myself for being a procrastinator. Because, you know, when there were things that need to be done, I'll get it done. But sometimes I'm a procrastinator and being Okay, with that took a lot of time it took, okay, you're a procrastinator, could you do better? Yeah. But this is what it is right now. You know, and you call it a day, and you just do better than you did before. But yeah, it's a lot of that. You see other people that you think, man, they've got it together? And you're like, oh, okay, so I should go do that. And that's what gets you like that, that you were saying that gets you going? Oh, my goodness, what should I be doing? You know, and you're all over the place, because you're trying to follow someone else's roadmap to to yourself, and that's not gonna work. You know, I mean, and so when you look at that, it helps you like, Oh, I do like some of those things that that person is doing. And I can incorporate some of it, but I don't want to do exactly what they're doing. You know, I mean, I don't know. So yeah. It's like that for me. And I think for a lot of people.

Avi 43:44
Yeah, I think so to back to the procrastination about this, that what you're talking about accepting that you're, you're a procrastinator in some ways, right? And saying, okay, that's, that's, that's, that's allowed. That's okay. Has that acceptance led to less procrastinating? has it affected? How much you procrastinate the fact that now like, you've allowed it, you're not judging yourself for that to being like a bad thing. Has that changed? How much you procrastinate?

Vyasa Smith 44:20
Yeah, I would have to say, what's changed. The only thing that's changed on that, for me is, now it's not on my mind. You know what I mean? It's not on my mind to be worried that I'm such a procrastinator. I don't care if you are or not as long as it's not all that. I don't know how to put that because there is a level to where you don't want to procrastinate like somebody needs you. You know, you don't want to hold it off. So it is kind of like you need to be aware that you are a procrastinator, but stop worrying about it just do better when you know you got to do something on time. Try to be a little earlier for it, or get it done a little earlier. But to worry about it like oh How am I gonna change this? What practice? Do I need to be more aware of timing for that kind of stuff? I'm a procrastinator, I notice it and will do better. And that's really, as far as I'll take it these days. I just because it's, it's happened to me, and I'm sure it's happened to you and the people who view this. You're just constantly on your mind about how you're not the area that you want to be better and you're not. And it seems like that thought is just always there. Dang it. There goes impressed, procrastinating again, man, I should know. Enough, like, I, I'm being good to myself, I'm trying to be better. And that's all I've got. It's not an overnight thing. You know, the things that you want to work on yourself is not going to be an overnight. The first thing is in what we're talking about now, is Johnny yoga. Is it in your mind first? Because that's where it starts, do you notice? You know, like, for me the procrastination, like, I'd be in the moment of procrastinating, like, No, I'm not gonna do like, and then you stop and you think, oh, I don't I want to do that right now. You know, and you may go down that Yanan path of I don't want to do right now because I don't like doing it, or I don't agree with it. And so you start understanding why you're not doing it. And it may be irrelevant, at the end of the day, you can go down that whole path. And it's irrelevant, just get it. Get it done. But But what I'm saying is that thought of I not doing better in that area, I kind of give myself a break. I do I give myself a break now. And I don't know if that comes with being older or going through many things in your life. I don't know what that is. But yeah, I and I would have to say, just to end that part of it is you really got to understand, and I don't know if this is out of context or character, but it's something that I definitely want to say. They're there, I think it happens for all of us that comes upon your life where you just realize nobody is interested in your spiritual growth, as much as you will be. Nobody, there will be no one on this planet, I don't care if it's your mother, your father, your guru, I don't care who it is, nobody is more interested in your spiritual growth in your love for yourself. And for everyone else, then you will be. And that's really what I really want to say is they just won't nobody will be more concerned with it, then you will. So

Avi 47:36
why why is that important? For you to realize that that's the way it is.

Vyasa Smith 47:41
Because I think that a lot of times, when you're not doing the thing that you think you should be doing, you know, you go to somebody, and you say, help me with this, you know, I'm lost, and it's great to get help from others. I'm not denying that. I'm just saying, as you're doing that, and as you're talking to someone about the lack of that's in your life. Remember, like, for me, I have to remember, I'm telling them this, and they're gonna give me some good options. That's great. But they don't care about it more than I do. There's no way you could and so when you don't do it, and I've done this before, to people, this is how I know, you know, you tried the thing that they tell you to do, and it doesn't work. And you're like, you go back to Well, this hasn't worked. And then they give you something that this hasn't worked and you realize they're, they're helping you out, but they're not going to be there. Like, you know, let's say guru says meditate more. Okay? And maybe you do meditate a little bit more. But whatever not an offer. However, you look at that, and you go back to this have meditated, I've meditated? Well, he's just gonna tell you, okay, well then do this. And then you're gonna go do that. And you'll go back to him and say, okay, it's not working. He's not interested whether you know, you, he's interested in whether it works for you. I assume. I don't know him. You know, I'm not trying to do that. But it just seems like nobody cares. Like, not nobody cares. This is not. I don't know how I'm trying.

Avi 49:04
I think what you're I think we actually is, yeah, this this is this is a very personal experience that we're having. Right? Right. Right. No, but what you're saying is like, just just acknowledge that, like, our relationships with ourselves are, are very intimate. And we know ourselves better than anyone else is ever going to know us in a way they might see stuff that we don't see. But like the totality of who we are, that information is more for us,

Vyasa Smith 49:29
right? That's what I mean. I didn't mean like, the guru doesn't care. It's just, he's only going to take it like he can't do it for you. Nobody. He might. He might show some blind spots. Yes. Exactly. Some blind spots. That's great. Yeah, I'm all for that. But like to assume that somebody cares more about your spirituality than you do. It's just not. It's just not I don't subscribe to that. I don't believe it. I never have and I never will. Nobody cares more about you than you. Nobody does. And it's like, it's

Avi 49:57
like, in a way though. Maybe a scary thought. Because It's like a burden to like take control of your life. But But taking control in that kind of a way and saying, Okay, I'm in charge of my spiritual growth growth. Like maybe that's going to lead to deliberation.

Vyasa Smith 50:10
Yeah, yeah. And it's a scary thing, knowing that, oh, wait a minute, it's just me in here doing this. And you know, it's between. It's a very like, Oh, crap, I don't know if I'm able, if I'm up to the task of doing that. But you are, you know, we're all here. And you'll do it. And we will do it. And everybody. Yeah, so that's how I feel about that. Just keeping that in mind, which is hence the chilling part, you know, chill, because nobody cares if you're chill. Nobody in here. Nobody cares if internally you're what's I got to do with them. So that's why I like the term and using it in my mind. I'm chillin, just chillin. Yeah. Yeah,

Avi 50:50
I don't think I want to ask you about the about and I don't know how this relates to what we've been talking about. But I just want to mention it. Honestly, with you, it's like, it's one of the most apparent examples of what I'm going to say. That happens. And that's okay, so we've talked a lot about the internal experience that we're having in life, but then the effect that we also have with each other, and being in a relationship as, like our energy is, is being shared, right? It's like, with you, more than anyone else, like you bring out this certain lightness in man silliness. Like, like, I don't know if you know that, because you only know me when you're hanging out with me. But like, like, often when I see you like you, you just bring out this like very childlike nature myself, that that I love, like, I love it so much. And like, Maybe it comes from your, I think it does come from your priority of like being like, relaxed, like, let's just have fun. Like, let's be peaceful. Let's have a good time. Let's, let's honor our time. And so I just, I just noticed, like the effect that we can have on each other like that. That's not the intention. But by doing this internal work, and really coming to this place of like relaxation, and acceptance and everything, like using me as an example, like, by you doing that work, like you're very positively affecting me and giving me in a way permission to open up and have more fun in my life.

Vyasa Smith 52:24
Oh, wow. Well, thank you very much for that. avi. I'm glad that you said that. Because not often enough times. Do you realize that about yourself what you're doing for folks? And you just don't? And I'm glad that you said that. Yeah, I think a big part of that is, you know, always laughing or smiling is, because what else you gonna do? I just don't like, I just don't know what else to do. Like, what do you mean, be serious all the time? Or, you know, when people say, Oh, you're always laughing? Is there something else to do? Like? I just don't understand the other fields if nothing else feels as good. Like, why wouldn't I be laughing? And I get it, you know, all the time, you know, people say, but you're always like that. That's just, you know, me, you know, some because some of it is not always some of its nervousness to, you know, some of it is I'm laughing because I'm nervous. I'm laughing because I'm happy. I'm laughing because I don't know what else to do, like, and laughing helps me. For me laughing is a good, you know, it helps me internally get over things. But yeah, I, you know, you just don't know what you're doing for people until they tell you like you just told me. So. I think that's wonderful. And that also is inspiration because then that, that it's a little clue as to whether or not you're on the right road. So as you tell me that I'm like, Okay, so what I was doing or at whatever I'm doing is okay, it could always be better, everything can always be better, but it's okay, like I am helping someone be a little looser in their life, even if they don't tell me every day and hearing you say that is like Oh, so I'm not so far off. Like you know what I mean? And that and I'll be honest with you there is that is the disadvantage of not sharing your practice with people now there you know earlier we were saying all the advantages there's an A disadvantage that I met is I mean not sharing my my spiritual way or whatever stops me from getting the the encouragement I need to keep going. You know, like you just did to me So yeah, that there there was a downfall to that. So yeah, it's given

Avi 54:49
out How about this though, that I think we are sharing great the differences between just sharing and sharing with words. Right. So like putting words in their proper place. Yeah. I think a lot about the limitations of words like words are amazing. They allow us to communicate, right? But like, it seems that we're like addicted to them. And we think that words can describe like everything. Right? When, when they really can't. So in terms of like, sharing, right, and I think that's what's going on to like, in terms of our deeper spiritual experiences, like, they're so hard to, like, describe, like, you know, when I go really go to that place, like, really gonna describe what this is like to someone else. Right. It's like, words can never describe, describe what was happened, but who I am. That can be the ripple effects from doing the work yourself. That is being shared by your presence. Yeah, much more than your words.

Vyasa Smith 55:47
Yes. Oh, I completely agree. I completely agree with that. And all the I don't need to go back so much. But, you know, you were asking me in the long, I mean, we're on the same page here. But when you were asking me about, you know, sharing your spiritual practice, or letting people know what you're doing in that regard, we were talking about that the one thing I wanted to mention was hearing satchidananda talk about it, in his books or other gurus is, I really took it to heart when they say, be careful about who you share your experiences with, because a lot of times, you're gonna get an opinion back. Well, I don't know if you should do that way. Because, you know, blah, blah, blah, studies come out. And the more you get for me with the more opinions I get about what I'm doing, the less I get secure with myself. I'm like, oh, maybe I'm not you know, and then you're. So that's one of the another major reason I don't like telling people what my spiritual work is going on in here. It's because you get the opinions. And it's not an opinion thing. Like, I know what I mean. It's not for me, anyway, it's not an opinion, I don't care what you think I'm doing. I'm doing it and it's making me happy. If it wasn't, then I guess we should look at it differently. But yeah, so that's the other thing. And I've heard so many people, so many great gurus, spiritual people speak about, like, No, you don't want other people's opinions, which is maybe why they went into the mountains, you know, into a cave, because you're just I don't want to hear what you have to think, or have to say about my spiritual work. And I think it's important if you're not looking for it, I think it's important. So I agree with that. Um, yeah.

Avi 57:32
There's like a purity in figuring it out on our own, right, without any other kind of bias or anything, like, Can I look at objectively, like, what is what is going on? And can I trust in what I find like, I don't need validation from someone else? Like, this is the truth, the way that I see it? And that's it. That's, that's the truth.

Vyasa Smith 57:54
Right? Yeah. It's because in order for someone to truly be able to advise you, they would have to know everything about your life where you would be telling them and there's some other things whether you do it subconsciously or not, as long as you tell somebody your story, there are things you're gonna leave out, because there may be too embarrassing, or you're, you know what I mean? But everything contributes to why you're feeling that way in the moment. So if you are not truthful with someone, as you're saying, Okay, this is going on in my life, and I need it blah, blah, blah. There's some things you're leaving out, like, the fact that you were lackluster in it, you know, I mean, um, and so there's that other reason, who, you know, unless you have that person in your life that you've told everything to? Yeah, you can possible Exactly. So it's like, yeah, so that's how I feel about that type of thing like that. Yeah, that's just how I feel no one really knows me. I know myself. And yeah, and like I said, it's not all that we're talking about here. It seems like you don't need anybody. That's not what I'm saying. I definitely think you need community. I definitely think you need good friends around you. A good peer. I don't take any of that away. I wouldn't be here speaking about it without other people. So it's not that I'm just saying there's a certain point that if you've been practicing, or maybe if you haven't, but if you've been practicing, there's a level of Okay, enough of all the guard you know, the stuff coming in like enough learning more books to read more sutras on not either you got it or you don't. You know, that's how God has spoken to me like, Look, dude, you've read tons of books. you've practiced yoga for a long time. You like get with it like you're not I mean, just do it live be and so yeah, live the live. Yeah, you're gonna figure it out. And that's what I want to tell people is you're gonna figure it out. It's not like God gave certain people the the, the know how to get to him and he left You out, if you want to, you will figure it out. It may be a long road, but you are gonna figure it out. And everybody will if you want it, you will figure it out and nothing can stop it nothing, not a person, not a loss of a job, not a loss of another human being will ever stop you from getting to the to know yourself or becoming the best version of yourself, it can't be stopped. If you're looking for it and you want it, you'll get it, it may be a long road, but you will get it and knowing that and having that note just knowing that, that God didn't leave you out and took everybody else, knowing that that you're included, and you have the right to live your life any way you want. And you'll still be a godly person, and you can still be man that's powerful in that you can't take away You can't take that from me. And that's I think huge. Like, that's huge. That's everything that that that's everything that enables you to do whatever it is you want to do in this world. And if you don't want to do anything, that's great, too. It's It's everything, knowing that you got God with you, and nobody can take it away. And you will get enlightened you will people say oh, you're not like, Don't listen to those folks. God's

Avi 1:01:13
God's trying to show you. Yeah, just allow him to show you. Yeah, whatever it is, whatever, allow God to show you,

Vyasa Smith 1:01:23
yep, allow God to do it. Because he will, it will happen, it will happen, you will happen, it will happen if you want it if you don't want to say it. But if you want it, you're gonna get it. Like, that's just all there is to it. And no one person is going to be the only like, yeah, it's not going to be one person that gets you there. Like you think, oh, if I just need this guru, no, you may need that guru and you still ain't got it. There. If I meet this one person, if I meet this movie star, who I think is so great, then I know, you know, it's you. And that's great. I know it's scary at first. But that's great. Ultimately, it's you and he he didn't leave, it didn't leave you out, you're included in all of this. So I would like to say that to people, like, don't worry about enlightenment. Enlightenment is whatever you think it is. It's whatever you want it to be. It's wonderful. It's love. It's treating people with kindness. I don't know, it's, it's not just one way. It's not just, oh, you're enlightened, if you have all if you look a certain way, and you stand a certain way, and you say certain things I get out of here, that's not a determination. I, I go with the rule of how I know somebody is, you know, quote, unquote, enlightened, or what I think about that is how you treat me. That's it. You treat me like you treat everybody else. And that could be bad. Like, you may treat me horrible. But if I see you treating everybody horrible, that means you're just being you, you know, you're treating everybody the same. Same thing good. Like, it depends on how you make me feel. And I noticed that enlightened people that we assume that are enlightened, they make you feel like you're somebody they make you feel like, you're you that they make you feel like you're not not somebody. They make you feel included there. It's not so much paying attention to you like, oh, how are you doing? But it's just they treat you like the same, you know, no different no worse than they would treat anybody else. And that to me is everything. That's what I think in the mind human being is how you treat me. Do you notice my my insecurities and point them out? And however, you know what I mean? Like, that's not somebody who makes me feel good. Somebody who makes me feel good makes me think that I can do it too. I can be just like satchitananda and there's nothing stopping and, and yeah, so that's what I think about enlightenment. I think it's about how they make you feel how they treat you when you're horrible. And you're not good at something or you're not good. And right then and there. Are they still good to you? Like Do they still treat you kind? Or do they dump all over you because you're not doing what they want? That to me shows me the mind human being. So yeah, I'm not impressed with the magic tricks and you know, the Shakti pod and all that, oh, get out of here. You know, how do you make me see you make them feel like I can be somebody like I can do this. I can live here in this world and be my own. And you have a right. Yeah, I have a right to be and even if I don't want to do anything, say I don't want to become anybody. Maybe I don't want to be number one at something. That's okay, too. And that's how those people make you feel like you're okay, just how you are relax. And so that's an enlightened human being and that could be you are the you know, you all my friends. You know, I've got a lot of No, I take that back. I don't have a lot of friends. I have a lot of acquaintances, but the friends that I do have, they make me feel good and those people remind to me I like all my friends, you Zack, anybody? I always look at you like wow, like amazing, like holy crap, how do they do all that and then like when we When we meet, and I know you're busy, you still managed to hear one or two words of what I've got to say. And that's huge to me. That's huge. And that to me, means you're enlightened. I'm like, Oh, that's an enlightened being. He's handling this. He's got a family, he's good at work. He's calling to me at work. He, you know, and he's kind to everybody else. Like, that's,

Avi 1:05:20
it goes back to what you say it goes both ways. How do they make you feel and that's why I kind of brought this up, you know, to say that the effect that we have, and that's what's what's, what's wonderful on our path of growth and learning is that the ripple effects that come from day could give us great encouragement, right that by by really doing this work, it's it can positively affect other people and give them encouragement. Now that's, that's my fire. That's my motivation for for really getting down to it and say, Okay, I want to clean myself up. I want to get clean. Like if I'm serious about service and doing good for other other people. That's the best way I'm gonna do it. It's just by becoming more and more genuine and hold and clean. Myself. That's the motivation. Yeah. Yeah, man, the Assa fine. This is a lot of fun. Yeah, so glad we did that. Like I said, we've been talking about doing it for so long. So all the time, we'll be having conversations. It's just like, we should be recording this right now. Like, what do you what are we doing?

Vyasa Smith 1:06:24
Every time I know, it's crazy. Every time we talk, we're like, we should record this. So I'm glad that we finally got to do this. And yeah, I'm, I am genuinely in great gratitude to you and to the ashram and to the people who run the ashram who've been here from the beginning to the till now. And even if they weren't here, and I didn't meet them, I'm just in total gratitude for the people that I'm around. And it's just a wonderful experience. Getting to know everybody here, not that I'm going anywhere anytime soon. But it's just like I told you before, there's not enough gratitude to show you, even as you're you being my friend, there's just not enough like, all I can do to say thank you and do right, because this is amazing. I didn't. And I don't think many people I hope, hopefully, when people see this, they know that. It's just nuts how connected you can get when you're away from the hustle and bustle. And the things that open up for you are just amazing. And I will say this people who want to come here for an extended period of time, do know this that as your your you get here, it's all new, and it's great. And you will come to a low where you hate everybody. And you're like, Oh, this whole place. Nuts. You'll get to that. But if you can see that through and I don't I can't tell you how long it lasts. Because it could last a year. It could last however long you want it to last. But if you can get through that part where you just hate everybody, and you think it's the crappiest place to be in your if you can get through that. I promise you, if you can just wait it you don't have to do much. You just got to wait it out. You got to wait it out. And if you can do that, I'm telling you is the fruit of it afterwards because it's it's an adjustment period because you did on the high, everything's wonderful. And then you come to a low and people don't like the low and they're like, you know what, this low is lasting too long. I'm out of here. If you get through that, I promise you the nectar. The fruit is just so deep. It's so good. Hello,

Avi 1:08:33
I think what you're talking about is true for any low any any really challenging experience that we're going through, if you could just be with it. just just just allow it and hold on. It's becoming more and more of my refuge is just have patience when I am in those kind of ruts.

Vyasa Smith 1:08:51
Yeah, yeah. So it's great. Like I said, I'm loving it. And yeah, and yeah, I'm just loving it. I think it's great. And yeah, it's good stuff.

Avi 1:09:03
It is good stuff, man. And I'm really grateful to have you around. So thank you for being here. Thank you for that on you. And thanks for doing this today. No problem. I'll be glad to do it. All right. All right, brother. Take care, everybody. Bye. Thanks for listening. If you've enjoyed this content and think others might as well, please feel free to share and subscribe.

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