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Haris Lender is the creator of Kidding Around Yoga. A 500 hour Integral Yoga teacher certified in: Raja Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Stress Management and Prenatal Yoga.

For 11 years at Yogaville and 8 years with KAY, Haris was the director of Yoga sleepover camps. Haris loves to lead Kirtans all over the world. Haris has created her own DVD, “Yoga with Haris” and all the KAY music which continue to bring the joy of yoga to children all over the world.

Haris lives with her husband Evan, mostly at the Yurt in Yogaville but also in their homes in Costa Rica and Florida.


  • Kidding Around Yoga:
  • Podcast: Mindful Coversations with KAY


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