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Michael begins by telling his story of a near death experience changing the trajectory of his life. Is an intense crisis necessary for an awakening, or is it possible to redirect your life by listening to your intuition and learning from the experiences of others? Avi and Michael discuss this as many other topics including letting go of what we don’t control, cultivating a love for silence, how to be more gentle with ourselves, and our relationship with unwanted experiences.

Before helping humans build resilience to prevent bad moments from turning into a bad day, as the Chief Shift Officer at Peloton Executive Coaching, Michael O’Brien was a healthcare executive. At a corporate offsite meeting in New Mexico, Michael experienced his last bad day when a speeding SUV hit him head-on during a morning bike ride. While in the hospital, he began his Pause Breathe Reflect mindfulness practice which is now a global movement that promotes awareness, focus, equanimity, and belonging.


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