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Mukunda and Avi unfold the importance of acceptance on the path to better health, and the obstacles that often get in the way. Mukunda shares about his story of transformation, the importance of connecting to your passions, and his love for the city of San Francisco. A rich and heart opening conversation.

Mukunda is certified in Integral Yoga’s Hatha, Raja, Stress management and soon to complete the Meditation Teacher Training Program on April 7th. He has over 5000 teaching hours which includes leading and co-leading Yoga teacher trainings since 2013, IYI retreats, group classes and private instruction. He opened Mukunda Studio in 2020 which has inspired new ways to build community and offer the teachings. His diverse career history, which has varied from a life in the arts to working in a high-paced event world, unifies in one voice today as a health and wellness entrepreneur.

Mukunda’s interests include Meditation, Yoga and spiritual philosophy, Blogging/Writing, Plant-based eating/lifestyle, Empowering BIPOC communities, Working with corporate leaders to inspire wellness from the top down, Dreaming/Praying/Engaging for a more peaceful world, singing/playing piano in rare moments, painting/art-making in even more rare moments but hoping for more.




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