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What would you say if you could whisper into the ear of every person on the planet? Uma and Avi explore the answer to this question as well as many others. Is it beneficial to zoom out and recognize that we have less control over our lives than we really think? What is the cultural impression of yoga for Italians? Can I spend more time in the space of emotions and less time in the space of thoughts?

Short Bio:
Born in Teramo, Central Italy. Lived in Milan and a little bit in New York, working for American fashion companies. Her interest in Yoga accompanied her since the childhood, and she took some time to quit her professional job and travels to devote herself totally to yoga as a full time teacher. She has been teaching since 2003, founded YAP Integral Yoga Centre in 2004 in Teramo, Italy. She serves as an Integral Yoga trainer, Accessible Yoga trainer and certified Yogatherapist. She may seem to be very at ease, but is actually shy!




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