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This conversation between Kelley and Avi addresses a multitude of social issues and how they relate to the world of yoga. Is there a place for shame and guilt within the human experience? Why does it seem so challenging sometimes for people to take the right action? Should every human have their basic needs met, and what are those basic needs? What part does our education system play in all of this? These questions answered and much more.

Kelley Nicole Palmer is a Black, Queer creative and community advocate based in Jersey City, NJ. Kelley uses the practices and philosophy of yoga to guide her work in creating equitable and sustainable access to wellness for Black people. Along with teaching movement, meditation and contemplative practices, Kelley leads retreats, hosts workshops and contributes to multiple teacher training programs. Kelley is a writer and collage artist focusing that work on Black liberation, wholeness and healing. Kelley serves as a founding member of The Sanctuary In The City, a Charlotte based non-profit that focuses on equitable healing spaces for Black people all over the world.


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